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Shadowz Of Death
I swim in dream's of suicide
and live in the shadow's of reality
I reach for heaven but yet I'm hell bound
I dance with the secret's of your untold nightmare's
and worship the darkgod's you have only dreamt about
still I wait to be released from my own world of illusion's

An Angel's Soul
She has it inside her
Haunting her
Feeding her paranoia
Eating at her soul
She pull's her hair from her face, and scream's in rage
To easily erased
Thrown aside
She searches her hell
No window to escape
She breath's in the hate
Tormented heart
Twisted in knot's
She stair's beyond her shadowed eyelid's
Look's to scornful face's filled with gray
She want's to light the match, and turn to ash
Forget the hello's, and never miss the goodbye's